AI Marketing Review - Make Passive Income In 2022 [Updated]

AI Marketing
AI Marketing

AI Marketing has recently gained traction on social media and YouTube, with claims of a high return on investment. You've heard of that platform and are unsure whether it's legitimate or just another con.

This AI Marketing review is solely for educational purposes, and I am providing my honest assessment of the platform.

I am a member of this program and there is no guarantee that you will achieve these income levels after joining this program. Know that there is the risk behind every investment you make and accept the risk involved by joining.

Dive in like me, just click here to join, and don't invest any amount of money that you don't want to lose.

Without further ado, let's get to the core of the AI ​​Marketing Review.

What Exactly Is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing is a cashback and online advertising platform that allows investors to profit from cashback on their various partners' goods sales. When marketing and artificial intelligence are combined, investors can expect profits of between 25% and 35%.

Wexford Alliance Limited is registered at 111 Bonham Strand, MW Tower, 7 Floor, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, China, with the number 2531493. It was founded in 2017 and now has over 1.5 million users, according to its website.

That implies you can earn money without referring others to the platform. That's fantastic for those who aren't particularly adept at recruitment.

The firm collaborates with the INB Network, a multilevel marketing firm. As a result, people that want to advance the company can do so.

But, before you get too enthusiastic, make sure you read all the way through to the conclusion to see if this is the right fit for you.

How Does AI Marketing Work?

Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into the apps we use every day as more and more tasks are automated. AI technology is not new, and major corporations such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, and others have already benefited from it.

This technology is used by AI Marketing to undertake mass advertising and produce sales for well-known businesses (aggregators). These well-known firms pay AI Marketing commissions in the form of cashback (up to 60% for specific purchases).

AI Marketing Artificial Intelligence

In a nutshell, AI Marketing conducts keyword research on products sold by partners in order to discover regional market trends. The advertising is then created using huge ad platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads... Those chosen keywords will be used to market the partners' products. These adverts will result in sales, and AI Marketing will receive a commission on the sale (cashback). 

All of the major corporations, including Google, Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb,, Skyscanner, Uber, and others, have grown through utilizing technology.

In the same way, by digitizing their marketing, AI MARKETING aligns itself with these large corporations.

As a result, AI MARKETING uses its MarketBot to execute mass advertising, which produces sales for these aggregators.

As a return for their marketing, these companies give AI MARKETING commissions (1.5 to 15% for physical products and 15 to 60% for digital products) in the form of cashback.

Simply, Here's how AI Marketing works:

AI Marketing's product analysis and promotion system conducts research and analysis on terms connected to their partners' or aggregators' products and services and selects keywords and trends that are gaining traction at the regional level.

Then, using advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Facebook ads, and others, the advertising marketing team selects items and services that match these geographically popular keywords, and the advertising marketing team orders ads based on the trends.

These advertisements would undoubtedly attract clients. If these clients make a purchase, the cashback program operator notifies AI Marketing via the API, and an accumulation with the status "Pending" shows in your personal account.

For more information about cashback program operators, visit this link.

You'll also get details on the cashback confirmation time, amount, and particular confirmation rates for each operator there.

AI Marketing receives its commission in the form of cashback if the cashback program operator confirms a purchase, and you are rewarded for using your money for advertising. You will receive 55 percent of the cashback amount, while the platform will keep 45 percent.

What I mean is that you will still get your 55 percent payback if the consumer does not request a refund for the goods or service he ordered.

AI Marketing Partners

So it's very simple:

You top-up a budget, starting at $10.

The ROBOT (Marketbot) examines the marketplaces and chooses the most popular keywords relevant to its partners' products and services.

Your advertising campaigns are set up and launched by the AI Marketing advertising team.

Once the sales are complete, you will receive your commissions. To make money here, you don't need to recruit or refer individuals.

Click on the button below to get a $50 gift certificate to start (see below how to sign up properly).

AI Marketing $50 Gift Certificate

Claim your $50 by using this Gift Certificate Code: 

Click Here To Sign Up

Who Is The AI Marketing Platform For?

Before we go into the sign-up procedure, I want to show you who this platform is for in this section of the INB and AI Marketing review.

It's important to understand that this platform isn't for everyone.

This site is geared toward investors. That is, for those who are willing to put their money into a business to make a profit.

It's also for consumers who shop online and wish to earn rewards from major retailers like Amazon. When you shop online with AI Marketing, you will receive a discount on each purchase you make at one of their partner's stores.

So this isn't for you if you don't shop online and you're not an investor? Investors are well aware that any investment has some level of risk. You can retain your money in your bank account if you are not willing to risk $10 or $100.

I put $100 into it, and thus far it has proven to be successful. But can I assure you that it will be beneficial to you? Nope!

I'm not going to tell you that AI Marketing is a fraud since you'll lose your money. What I'm getting at is that it's a risky proposition. There are those who benefit from it and make thousands of dollars a month.

So, let's move on to the next portion of the AI Marketing review to see how you can get started if you're as committed to the plugin as I am.

How To Participate In AI Marketing?

AI Marketing needs funding to create these large-scale advertising efforts, which is where you join in.

To begin, you must first create an account on the site, which will be linked to a marketing bot. The next step is to make a deposit; your cash will be cleared as a marketing budget in a few days.

AI Marketing Top Up

After that, the robot will get to work and begin spending the marketing money and making sales.

AI Marketing Performance

The cashback will be divided between AI Marketing (45% ) and you (55 percent ).

Until the aggregators confirm the cashback, it will appear as "Pending" on your account. Each aggregator has their own deadline for confirming the cashback. AI ​​Marketing

AI Marketing Sales Analytics

To summarize:

  • Start with a deposit of $10.
  • The robot will research the markets and identify popular keywords connected to its partners' items.
  • The robot will then use the advertising budget to launch advertising campaigns.
  • When the sales are finished, you'll collect your cashback.

Click the button below to get a $50 gift certificate to start (see below how to sign up properly).

AI Marketing $50 Gift Certificate

Claim your $50 by using this Gift Certificate Code: 

Click Here To Sign Up

How Much Money Do You Need To Get Started With AI Marketing?

You can register for a free account. You'll get $50, to begin with after your account is set up.

Please keep in mind that when you receive your commission, this sum must be removed from your earnings.

AI Marketing Gift Return

You can make a deposit of $10 or more. Your earnings increase as your amount increases.

Invest at least $100, in my opinion. That way, your ad budget won't run out and you'll be able to reach the bare minimum and cash out sooner.

How To Make Money With AI Marketing?

To begin, understand that AI Marketing isn't a get-rich-quick program.

AI marketing compensates you with cashback from major corporations. Other options to profit from the site are also available.

Here are the ways you can make money with AI Marketing:

  • by cashback program (25% to 35% on your investment),
  • by referring your friends (5% on their investment),
  • by completing simple tasks (very limited tasks), and
  • by getting cash back when shopping online or offline in certain stores.

You now have a better understanding of how AI Marketing can help you make money. Let's move on to the next area of our AI Marketing review to see how much value you can get out of this program.

How Much Money Can You Make With AI Marketing?

Your earnings are determined by your activity since they provide up to five different ways to gain money.

For example, If you suggest a friend, you will earn a 5% commission on each deposit made by your referral.

If you don't want to market it, here's how much money you'll make with a $100 or $200 investment.

With 100$ investment:

  • After 3 months we end up with $246,
  • After 6 months we are back with $605,
  • After 12 months we end up with 3,664$.

With 200$ investment:

  • After 3 months we end up with 492$,
  • After 6 months we find ourselves with 1,210$,
  • After 12 months we end up with 7,328$.

My account results:

I have created an account with $1500. With the $50 gift certificate and promotion that was running at the time, I got an extra $230 bringing the total advertising budget to $1730.

Gain summary:

  • $1500 invested
  • $318.8 budget spent
  • $582.15 pending cashback 

The cashback is pending approvals from the aggregators and the first ones should be approved roughly ~20 days after the sale.

Is AI Marketing Legit Or Scam?

Despite its brief history, the company is officially registered and has been paying users since 2019.

Online advertising is a very successful business to be in, especially with the growing amount of online buyers. Their business strategy is quite feasible, generating significant returns for both investors and the company.

However, while the rewards appear to be quite enticing, I would suggest caution and not investing any money that you are not willing to lose. My method has been to start small and test it out until I am confident that I can recoup my investment. I've arrived at that moment and have decided to take things a step further.

For example, with my $100 out of pocket here, I already have $100 in cash and will receive $260 in cashback if clients do not request a refund.

How To Withdraw Earnings From AI Marketing?

You can withdraw your earnings using the following methods:

The minimum amount to withdraw is $10.

Note that you can fund your account using any of the methods indicated above, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or your cashback.

How To Sign Up For An Account With AI Marketing?

If you'd like to sign up after reading this review, please follow the steps below:

  • First click the link below, to obtain the $50 gift certificate previously indicated.
  • Then, click the Brain icon (heightened below) to take full advantage of the program. Don’t use the other icons as you might not get the $50 gift certificate.
  • Then click the Sign Up bottom and complete the registration form.

AI Marketing Sign Up

Once the registration completed, you will get access to your dashboard where you can fund your account and start earning.

Claim your $50 by using this Gift Certificate Code:


Click Here To Sign Up

AI Marketing and INB Registration Form

What Are The Payment Methods Available In AI Marketing? 

The same payment methods used to fund your account are the same used to withdraw your earnings. And here are the payment methods available:

Note that the minimum amount to withdraw is $10.

AI Marketing Payment Methods

AI Marketing Pros And Cons


✔ Not a Ponzi program,

✔ Reasonable commission plan,

✔ Possibility to make passive income,

✔ No need to refer to earn,

✔ Good rating Trustpilot score.


❌ The platform is still young (since 2019 so far),

❌ if you want to get an ROI quickly you need to invest at least $100 or more.

The Final Thoughts About AI Marketing

AI Marketing is a promising investment system where you can make passive income by investing in ads.

The platform is fairly young and the returns seem very good to be true. However, their business model is very sustainable and it definitely benefits the company and the members.

The thing is for sure, there is nothing for nothing. If you want to succeed, accept to take the risk. But measurable risks.

My advice, if you want to try any investment system is to invest an amount that you are willing to risk with.

I already invested only $100 and I am satisfied with the return so far. You also have the choice to invest in this system.

Passive income is the best model of income, so definitely AI Marketing deserves a lot of consideration.

AI Marketing $50 Gift Certificate

Claim your $50 by using this Gift Certificate Code:

Click Here To Sign Up

Hope this review was helpful, if it has been so, feel free to share it with your friends.

Happy investing!

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