Bluehost Webmail: Account Setup [Updated 2022]

How To Setup Bluehost Webmail Account
Bluehost Webmail Account Setup

Bluehost is a privately held company founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton. The company is owned by Endurance International Group, an IT services provider. Bluehost is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America . Bluehost is one of the top 20 hosting companies with various back-end services such as Bluehost webmail, email hosting, domain registration, web hosting and more. Bluehost also has a subsidiary that offers HostMonster, FastDomain , and iPage with great customer service.

There are also other services that Bluehost provides such as Cloud Hosting , Dedicated Hosting , Shared Hosting , WooCommerece Hosting , WordPress Hosting , and VPS Hosting . And all services provided by Bluehost are powered by HTTP/2 , NGINX + caching , and PHP 7 .

Today in this article, we will talk about the history of Bluehost and how to register, log in and reset the password in your Bluehost webmail with account setup using IMAP and POP.

History of Bluehost

Before settling on Bluehost in 2003, Matt Heaton conceived Bluehost in 1996. However, he created two other web hosts. and .

In 2009, Bluehost introduced a new feature called CPU Throttling . CPU throttling reduces user CPU usage when a specific user is simultaneously using server resources. Bluehost will substantially freeze or drastically reduce the CPU usage of client sites at that particular time. It effectively shuts down customer websites that are hosted on the Bluehost server during the day for several hours.

In 2013, Bluehost introduced Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Endurance International Group appointed Mike Olson as CEO of Bluehost in January 2015, with Dan Handy moving into enterprise mobile development for small businesses.

In January 2017, the company announced that it would hire 440 Bluehost employees in Utah to consolidate its business and improve customer support.

Does Bluehost provide you with email?

Bluehost provides many hosting related services and also offers its email to its users to solve email problem and get notification about Bluehost. You can receive email by simply signing up for hosting through Bluehost. They also offer a free email domain with five free email addresses for a $3/month web hosting plan with a free SSLC certificate and more.

What is Bluehost Webmail?

Bluehost email is similar to Microsoft Outlook email, Thunderbird email, Opera Mail or other emails, which is a web-based solution that is portable and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and a browser. With Bluehost Webmail, you can send and read your mail by logging into its webmail. Bluehost webmail example offers Horde and Roundcube, which can be accessed using .

Why Should You Use Bluehost Email?

Bluehost email is similar to other email services; you can send and receive mail if you are logged into Bluehost email. It helps you connect to Bluehost, receive service notifications, and perform the same tasks as other email clients. It also saves you the hassle and gives you instant access to your email.

How to get a free email domain?

An email domain is the part of an email address that includes “ @ ” and is often used to customize your company name. There are three options for a free email domain: Bluehost, Zoho, and

  • Bluehost - For those who want to get web hosting and free email domain hosting in a specific location.
  • Zoho - For those who already have a domain but need to host their own email domain.
  • - Those who are comfortable using a free universal domain and free hosting.

Comparison of available webmail clients on Bluehost

When you go to the Bluehost webmail app, you must choose a webmail client from Horde, Roundcube, or SquirrelMail. Each time you log into your account, you can choose any webmail client comparison or, if you have a favorite webmail client, you can choose the auto-download feature.

  • Roundcube is the most popular comparison webmail client available at Bluehost that looks and feels the same as other email apps but available inside the browser. In Roundcube, you can import and manage your address book, and organize the address in a folder. And when composing an email, you can set up instant replies to save your time, as well as write with a spell checker in a productive HTML text editor.
  • Horde is a solution for managing your calendars, email, notes, tasks, and collaboration app. You can also share your notes, tasks with your colleagues and calendars with those who use Horde.
  • Email Applications - The Mail application is the installed software on your mobile phone or device that is used to send and read emails. Your email is stored on your device, including mail that has been deleted and sent, allowing you to access your email offline. Not everyone needs offline access to their email. However, if you do, using a mail app to access without Wi-Fi is an advantage, and Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Outlook are typical similar mail apps.

How to access Bluehost webmail from your device?

There are three different ways to access Bluehost webmail. You don't need to configure anything in webmail online.

  • Using a Web Browser - To access Bluehost webmail from a web browser, open your web browser > enter the link > click the Login button icon .
  • Using the control panel - Log in to the control panel and click on Hosting > Mailing List . Find the email address you want to access and click View Inbox. The URL will take you to a login page where you must enter your email address and password.
  • Customization - You can set up your own subdomain that redirects to the webmail client for your main domain. To do this, you will need to first log into your email using one of the above methods and copy the browser URL. You will need to set up a subdomain like in your control panel and redirect it to the URL you just copied. This URL will take you directly to the email login page the next time you visit the subdomain.

How do I create/register my Bluehost email account?

Bluehost Webmail Account
Bluehost Webmail

Before you create an account with Bluehost, you need to choose a plan to create an account with.

  • Open any web browser , or you can directly click on the official page link .
  • After that, click on Hosting . You will be redirected to an email page.
  • Now click on Email address near professional services.
  • After that, scroll down and find “ Data plan required* . »
  • You will now see another hosting plan, find " Email Essentials " Plan.
  • Click on the Choose Email Essentials button . »
  • Now you will see “ Choose your plan ” click on Choose any plan you need.
  • Now you will see " Next we'll set up your domain ," enter your new domain name , and you can click on the drop-down symbol to select a top-level domain.
  • After that, click on the Next button.
  • You will now see " Create Account " with your domain name.
  • Now fill out the form according to the information requested in the specific text field .
  • After that, click on the Place button.
  • Finally, you will see Congratulations! , you have successfully created a new password!

That's all; you have successfully created your Bluehost email account, it is much easier to log into your account. Follow the following step-by-step procedure to access your email account.

How to log into your account on Bluehost?

On the login page, you can access your domain as well as your email. How? - do the following.

Bluehost Webmail Login

  • Go to Bluehost official website , URL < >
  • On the top right corner of the home page, you will see the Bluehost Login, click on the Login button.
  • You will now be redirected to the login page. Default hosting login, scroll down and click on the webmail login radio button .
  • Now enter your Email address and Password in the specific text box.
  • After that, click on the login button to access your webmail.

Bluehost Hosting Sign in to your account

  • Go to Bluehost official website .
  • Click on the Authorize button.
  • Now scroll down and enter your Email address or domain name in the text box.
  • Enter your Password in the text box after that, click on the login button.

You can now access both your hosting account and webmail, and you can also sign in with Gmail, and if you're a Maestro member, you can sign in as Maestro.

How to recover/reset Bluehost hosting and webmail password?

  • Go to official website .
  • Click on the Authorize button.
  • Scroll down, just below the login button; you will see that it remains to forget the password to create an account, click on Forgot password .
  • You will now see the password reset page. Which in 3 steps ;
  • Request an email reset
  • Authorize Reset link
  • Create a new password
  • Now under " Enter your domain name ," enter your domain and also click on the Next button.
  • After that, enter your factory reset link.
  • Now you can enter your new password and Confirm password under " Create a new password " .
  • Now you have changed your password and you can also change your email on the same page.

Email Account Setup: Client Setup SSL/TLS Settings - POP & IMAP

Secure SSL/TLS Settings

Username : Your email address ([email protected])

Password : Your email address password.

Incoming Port : 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP3)

Incoming server : *

Outgoing server : *

Outgoing port : 465 (SMTP)

Authentication : Yes, your Bluehost email username and password.

Standard (no SSL/TLS) settings

Username : Your email address ([email protected])

Password : Your email address password.

Inbound : *

Inbound : Port143 (IMAP) or 110 (POP3)

Outgoing : *

Outgoing port : 26 (SMTP)

Authentication : Yes, your Bluehost email username and password.

Bluehost Webmail Account Setup: Conclusion

So, I have talked about Bluehost with its history and I have made Bluehost Webmail easy for you to understand. Register and login step by step. You can now create a Bluehost webmail account and log into your Bluehost account. You can also set up your Bluehost email account with other webmail platforms using POP, IMAP, and SMTP services. And reset your password if you forget it.

Sign up with Bluehost using our special reader discount and create your email address today!

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