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Is Hostinger a scam? Hostinger Review

Hostinger Hosting Review
Hostinger Review

The Cypriot company Hostinger operates in 40 countries and provides domain name registration services , as well as hosting , virtual server rentals and other things for the development of your web project. With the help of the services of this company, you can choose the best tariff at a bargain price. Hostinger currently has up to 90% discounts on hosting services.

The company has been operating since 2004. But isn't Hostinger a scam? Let's figure it out.

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Why choose Hostinger

Hostinger is considered one of the largest domain name registrars in Europe, and in addition, it provides fast and high-quality hosting at a low price. More than 29 million users have become clients of this service. What are its advantages?

Hostinger offers its customers:

  • Favorable discounts;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • Free hosting;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • High level security certificates;
  • Tariffs adapted to any CMS;
  • A wide range of support services from e-mail to site transfer.

The Hostinger website has been translated into 40 languages. The company has two representative offices: the central office in Cyprus and a subsidiary in Kaunas. The site itself is made according to a unique template, it is convenient to use it thanks to a clear interface and maximum information content. To start working with the service, you need to register on the site and open your personal account.

How to register on the Hostinger website?

In order to register on the site, you need to click the "Login" button in the top menu of the site. You can log in to your account through your social media account or by confirming your registration through the link sent to your email. Registration will not take more than 10-15 minutes.

Register on hostinger

Personal account hostinger

Your personal account has a modern control panel for your web project. It also stores the necessary information, personal data, for registration and work, payment details and so on.

Mobile application Hostinger

Hostinger does not have its own mobile application.

How to buy a domain name on the Hostinger website?

Buying a domain consists of several stages: choosing a domain name, choosing a domain zone, checking the domain, buying it and registering it. All these operations will not take much time.

Find a domain name on hostinger

How to choose a domain name on hostinger?

Domain zones are international, national, thematic. You select a domain zone depending on the target audience and the direction of the web project. The domain name of a site consists of two parts: the name of the site and the top-level domain. When you choose a domain name for yourself and register it, you get all the rights to this domain name for your resource. But before you register a domain, you need to check it.

Domain name verification

Checking the domain name you have chosen is very simple - type it into the search bar on the page with domains. If the domain you need is busy, the service will show you free domain names with the same name, but with different first-level domains. You will find the price of registration of a domain there after searching in front of each free domain name.

Check domain name on hostinger

Search for a free domain

You can check availability of a domain name and buy it at a low price through the Hostinger service. Many Hostinger hosting plans have the option to get a domain as a gift.

Ordering multiple names

The Hostinger service allows you to buy and register several domain names and create first and second level domains for your web projects.

How to register a domain

The Domains section has some tips on how to choose a domain name for yourself. After you have chosen a domain, add it to your shopping cart, immediately select related services if you need them, place an order and pay for it. Registration of domain names in some domain zones takes time - up to 2 hours.

Additional features of the site Hostinger

Hostinger has many related services, using which you can develop and launch a web project of any complexity. hostinger offers its customers a website builder with a huge number of free templates. It is very convenient to use the constructor and even the most inexperienced user will be able to “build” his site.

Create a free website on hostinger

Hostinger offers low-cost hosting with three hosting plans and discounts when signing up. For the first tariff, the simplest and cheapest, there are restrictions on the number of sites - 1 site. But for other tariffs, the number of sites is unlimited, and when ordering this service, you get a domain as a gift. For large web projects, cloud hosting with improved features is provided.

Choose a plan on hostinger

Hostinger offers quality low cost VPS hosting with a dedicated IP address and full root access to rented servers. The related services provided by the company will allow you to transfer your site to a new hosting and domain, set up and run email, buy an SSL security certificate for your site, and much more.

Take advantage of VPS hostinger services

How to pay for a domain purchase on the Hostinger website

You can pay for hosting services online in many ways: from your debit or credit bank card , through web wallets, bitcoins.

Buying a domain on a website

After you have chosen and added your domains to the basket, you can place an order and pay for it in any of the convenient ways. Please note that when ordering certain services, you can open your account in your personal account, replenishing it from a bank card, and funds will be debited from this account as needed.

Website domain renewal

You can activate the auto payment service to renew all services you have booked.

Bonuses hostinger

At the moment, the company has an offer to purchase a Web Hosting service + a free SSL-certificate with a discount of up to 90%. The company's shares are limited in duration and are constantly updated.

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Complaints about Hostinger

The hostinger service has been operating since 2004. During this time, a huge number of clients used its services, and we managed to find a lot of reviews on the work of the Hostinger service. For convenience, we have collected the most frequently repeated of them. In positive reviews, customers of the service praise:

  • Low cost of services;
  • Value for money;
  • Help from the support service in optimizing web resources.

In negative reviews, customers write that:

  • There are technical problems, low speed of scripts;
  • Free hosting limits are very limited.

According to customer reviews, free hosting and domain services will only be convenient for personal sites or small business card sites.

Regulatory authorities hostinger

As we already wrote, the company that owns the service is registered in Cyprus and operates in accordance with the laws of its country. But, like many domain name registrars, it is accredited to work with network resources and domain names from ICANN - the international corporation for managing domain names and IP addresses. ICANN regulates the work of domain name registrars around the world.

User Agreement Hostinger

The user agreement with the hostinger service , as well as other documents, can be found in the footer of the site.

The main office of the company is located in Larnaca and operates in accordance with the laws of Cyprus, therefore, when you open a personal account on the site, you also sign an agreement on the transfer of data abroad. You also sign this agreement if you draw up an agreement being in a country where there are no company servers.

Clause "17" of the agreement describes the procedure for paying for the services of the service. Service services can be paid for in many convenient ways, via the Internet, with cryptocurrencies.

In case of violation of obligations due to the fault of the Contractor, a refund is possible.

In the same section you can find other company documents.

The agreement is quite small and concerns mainly the legal relationship between the parties.

Get a discount on hostinger

Hostinger website security

The Hostinger service portal, all your data and bank payments through the site are protected by a high-level security certificate - Comodo RSA Domain.

Hostinger support service

Hostinger's website has an FAQ section that provides a large help database with answers to most questions and is constantly updated. Hostinger's support service works around the clock, you can contact it through the feedback form on the site, tickets in the control panel and through public pages on social networks.

Is Hostinger a scam?

Hostinger is one of the largest domain name registration services. Operating since 2004, Hostinger has made significant progress not only in domain name registration, but also as a hosting provider that provides free hosting with a convenient and easy website builder to start small web projects. Having studied the platform of the service, its services, tariffs and reviews from customers, we can say that Hostinger is not a scam. This is a service that will be equally convenient, both for those who have been engaged in web development for a long time, and for those who are just learning. As we already wrote, the service offers not only paid services, but also free ones, which are suitable for those users who are just starting to work with web projects or have not yet decided on the further work of their site.

Hostinger Review: Conclusion

Despite the large selection of services, Hostinger plans are more suitable for those who launch small web projects. Large online stores with a large assortment or specialized portals, for example, for constant online broadcasts with additional features, it may not pull. The prices for the services of the service are low, working with the control panel of the service is simple and convenient, and the free website builder with many unique templates will allow you to launch your project as quickly as possible.

You can trust this service with your site, and discounts on its services make working with Hostinger even more profitable. Hostinger has already found its customers and is constantly finding new ones.

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